Online Game Walkthrough

Online Game Walkthrough

Reincarnation Game Series

Posted: 30 Oct 2012 07:17 AM PDT

Reincarnation Game SeriesReincarnation is a funny point and click adventure game series developed by Christopher Gianelloni in wich main character is a cute purple demon.

The first chapter was released for Halloween in 2008 and the series has 13 episodes so far. Even after all this time, the games stay very fresh and people enjoy them from start to finish rather than just rushing to find the ending soon.

The player's mission is always the same: Help the little demon in his job to capture some evil doers with their hands dirty.

Check the list to see if you missed one of the episodes. If you didn't knew this series... What are you waiting to start playing?

01 - Reincarnation ADDO - A Demon's Day Out
02 - Reincarnation ROA - Riley's Out Again
03 - Reincarnation LTETR - Let the Evil Times Roll
04 - Reincarnation OTSYD - Out To Sea You Die
05 - Reincarnation AHH - A Hillbilly Holiday
06 - Reincarnation ITNOE - In The Name of Evil
07 - Reincarnation TCOU - The Clergy of Unholy
08 - Reincarnation TBOH - The Backfire of Hell
09 - Reincarnation AHE - All Hallow's Evil
10 - Reincarnation ATOE - A Taste of Evil
11 - Reincarnation TEND - The Evil Next Door
12 - Reincarnation TFHH - The Final Happy Hour
13 - Reincarnation BB - Bloody Bayou

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