Online Game Walkthrough

Online Game Walkthrough

West Escape 5

Posted: 02 Oct 2012 08:46 AM PDT

West Escape 5 WalkthroughWest Escape 5 is a Point and Click type escape the room game sponsored by Cafe Cafe Games.

You are trapped in this old west house and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape.

Play West Escape 5

West Escape 5 Walkthrough:

1 - Take a look at the hint with the shapes on the wall. Go to your right.
2 - Take the screwdriver located right next to the left lamp. Look at the hint with the CDs on the wall. Look at the hint with the jars above the tables. Go to your right.
3 - Input the cd key on the box (5711). Take a fuse and go to your right.
4 - Use the shapes hint on the barrel (triangle, square, circle, rectangle). Take the handle and look the color hint of the guns. Go to your right.
5 - Take the wire located next to the candle. Input the color code from the guns on the drawer (brown, red, black, yellow). Take the knife and go to your right.
6 - Use the wire on the key hole. Use the knife on the box. Take the cable. Use the screwdriver on the screws of the wall. Take the fuse and go to your left.
7 - Move the levers according to the jars clue (middle, up, down, middle). Place the fuses. Take the key and go to your left.
8 - Use the key on the cupboard. Take the CD and go to your left.
9 - Use the handle, cable and CD on the gramophone. Take the key and go to your left twice.
10 - Use the key on the door and... done!

Lost Villa

Posted: 02 Oct 2012 07:00 AM PDT

Lost Villa WalkthroughLost Villa is a point and click adventure created by SelfDefiant and co-sponsored by CafeCafe Games and Juegos de Escape.

You were given a map and directions to the lost villa, deep on an island that not many know of. This place is full of secrets that you need to discover. Good Luck!

Play Lost Villa

Lost Villa Walkthrough:

01 - Room A: Take a look at poodle puzzle.
02 - Room B: Take a look at cog #1.
03 - Room K: Take a look at cog #2.
04 - Room Q: Take a look at post for cogs.
05 - Room P: Take a look at cog #3.
06 - Room V: Take a look at the red heart jewel in the pool.
07 - Room AC: Take a look at the poodle clue. Take a look at cog #4.
08 - Return to room A: Adjust the levers according to the poodle clue in room AC (Up, Down, Down, Up, Down, Up). Get the wrench.
09 - Return to room B and get cog #1.
10 - Return to room K and get cog #2.
11 - Return to room P and get cog #3.
12 - Return to room AC and get cog #4.
13 - Room AD: Take cog #5.
14 - Return to room Q: Place cogs and get the gold key for room Y.
15 - Room AE: Take a look at the color number box.
16 - Room AF: Take a look at the color order clue.
17 - Room AG: Take a look at the vent.
18 - Room AA: Take a look at the color number clue. Take a look at the picture fastened to the wall.
19 - Room S: Take a look at the tear on the sofa.
20 - Room R: Take a look at the cracked tile.
21 - Room L: Take the goggles.
22 - Room G: Take the screwdriver.
23 - Room T: Take the black heart jewel.
24 - Return to room AG: Open the vent and get the green key for room H.
25 - Room D: Move the soap and get the silver key for room O.
26 - Room U: Take a look at the number box.
27 - Room AB: Turn on the hot water. Take a look at the number clue.
28 - Return to room U: Open the number box using the number clue from room AB (586) and get the red key for room I.
29 - Room I: Take a look at the color button box.
30 - Room J: Take the knife. Take a look at the color clue.
31 - Return to room I: Open the color button box with the color clue from room J (YCyRPu). Get the black key for room F.
32 - Room F: Take the green heart jewel.
33 - Room C: Take the hammer.
34 - Return to room S: Cut the tear and get the blue heart jewel.
35 - Return to room R: Pound the cracked tile and get the pink heart jewel.
36 - Return to room AE: Open the color number box according to the color number clue from room AA (Y6,R3,G4,B5). Get the yellow heart jewel.
37 - Return to room V: Take the red heart jewel.
38 - Return to room AA: Remove the picture and place all heart jewels according to the color order clue in room AF (PiYBRBkG). Finally you can now take the treasure!

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