True Football Manager

True Football Manager

My reflections about FM 2013 announcement

Posted: 09 Sep 2012 10:54 AM PDT

Hello my dear readers!

I have returned from my 2-week vacation this morning (see my photos on Facebook about that). Knowing that Football Manager 2013 was announced by Miles, I have decided to forget about having a rest today, sink into the latest news and tell you my independent opinion about them.

The Announcement

FM13_PC_2DPACK_UK_RGBIn total, I can say I am pleased with FM 2013 announcement. As usually Miles Jacobson didn't expose all his cards telling us some serious but marketing features like new modes or enhanced network gameplay via Steam. Personally, I am not really interested in these ones.

At the same time it seems for me his most intriguing words were regarding "the most dramatic change of match engine since FM 09" which is the most important part in any Football Manager. Can't wait to learn more about its changes in FM 13. Hope also that squad management AI had been improved as well as the other 900+ new features and improvements that were announced by Miles. He promised that 28 videos about Football Manager 2013 will be represented eventually.

Career, Classic, Challenge modes

I has just written I am not interested in the new modes. Why? Just because I will use Career mode anyway. But of course I understand many people can and will be excited by Classic and Challenge modes.

Classic mode will come in handy to those who:

- Like to concentrate on tactics, matches, squad management;

- Have nostalgia about good old Championship Managers;

- Simply have no enough time to play in Career mode.

Challenge mode is good for gamers who:

- Quickly get bored by managing the same team over years;

- Want some brand new experience with FM series.

As far as my FM 2013 plans are concerned, I promise you to start a new story using Career mode.



It's great that SI Games published pack of the first Football Manager 2013 screenshots. Please read my thoughts about the most interesting of them here:

FM 2013 Screenshots


FM 2013 Video & Podcast

By the way, if you have missed the first video and podcast about FM 2013, it's time to watch/listen them now.

Listen/Download the podcast from this page: The Football Manager podcast is back.


FM 2013 Release Date

New FM version, some first news… As a result we all start getting tempted and can't wait till the new game release. So release date is always an interesting question for us. Recently Miles Jacobson has announced it quite blurred using "before Christmas" deadline. At the moment there were no any other official FM 2013 news.

But I can share my personal thoughts about the release date basing on previous 10 years. Surely, FM 2013 release won't happen in December. On my mind it should be much earlier. My prediction is the end of October/start of November. We'll see how much my forecast is exact.


Excited to continue blogging for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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