True Football Manager

True Football Manager

Transfers and expectations for season 9

Posted: 16 Aug 2012 10:08 PM PDT

Dear readers,

Q.P.R. story continues, and it's time to prepare for season 9. In the last post your comments confirmed my intentions to do just few transfers strengthening the most problematic positions. So let's take a look at what I've done.

Season expectations

Season expectations

The current season expectations doesn't differ from the last season targets. I want to win either PL or CL title.

Though this time Sky Bet and Media Prediction are higher. They say I have the 4th squad by strength in the Premier League.


Media prediction



Club reputation

Unluckily, Q.P.R.'s club reputation is stalled at 3.5 stars. It's quite strange because Liverpool and Tottenham were always below my club in the last seasons. I suppose only PL or CL winning can raise up my Rangers in this list.

A negative effect of not so great reputation is that many world class players doesn't even want to think about moving to Queens Park Rangers. So I am obliged to find really good footballers from smaller set of players…


Players out

Transfers out

Nothing special happened regarding sold players.

Quite predictably, Jerry Richardson and Lorenzo Ariaudo moved from the Rangers due to their first team requests. I got nice $11M from their transfers.


Players in

Transfers in

Just 3 players were brought into Q.P.R. Two first of them bought for the first eleven.

I tried to buy one of talented Brazilian goalkeepers instead of ter Stegen but failed. They asked too much: more than $30M.


1. Gaston Ezquerra (DC) - $22M

Gaston Ezquerra

Remember I was asking question about Kyle Redhead in the last post?

Well, I decided to make him the 4th defender in the team buying Gaston Ezquerra. This young world-class central back is a partner of Samir Breinburg in Argentina. He is looking merely awesome. Going to use him in ball-playing defender role instead of Mats Hummels. Thus the German will be moved at DLC position.

I paid only half of money. Another half will be paid off as monthly instalments.




2. Alessandro (MR, AMR, MC, DMC) - $21.5M


Not so great transfer as the previous one. But anyway I needed strengthening at the right flank. Seamus Coleman is 31 years old and don't play so good as before.

Alessandro should be quite efficient defensive winger. He has nice Tackling, Marking, Work Rate, Passing, First Touch. Though of course several attributes have to be improved during trainings. It's my main expectation regarding the Brazilian.

Monthly instalments were used to buy Alessandro.



3. Leonardo Bosio (MC) - Free


I couldn't reject myself to sign for free another Argentinian talent :) Especially taking into consideration his low salary expectations.

For a while, Bosio will start season in the Reserves.


Team report including made transfers

Team Report


Finances after the transfers

I have never had so high balance. There is also half of transfer budget which can be spend during winter transfer campaign. We'll see.



Wage budget has become the highest in Q.P.R. history. But I feel I should not be worried too much because the Rangers are going to win serious trophies this season! Wish me a good luck!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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