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Q.P.R. Squad analysis after season 7

Posted: 08 Jul 2012 10:52 PM PDT

The last season was very entertaining because of the totally new squad and new tactics. Its results cannot impress much but give a certain hope that Q.P.R. may turn into trophy-winning grand club. The good thing I see what changes should be done for that and would like to share them with you right now.


Tactical changes

Actually, the squad analysis is going below. Just want to inform you about the latest changes in my tactical approach.

Changed roles


As far as you remember, I have 2 Fluidity tactics: main one and backup one (with counter-attacking style). Both of them have the same roles for 3 strikers up front. I decided to avoid Target Man usage replacing him with Complete Forward. The point is in that Daniel Bazan is really ready for that role:

Daniel Bazan


Counter-attacking tactics change


More important transformation happened with my backup tactics. 2 defensive wingers, ML and MR, were moved down to wing back positions. From the last season's experience, I saw The Rangers conceding too much after crosses when left/right midfielder had been left behind by opponent's wingers. The same shit happened in the terrible 0:6 loss against Koln. This change should resolve the problem.

Well, now I should consider about getting more wing backs into Q.P.R squad.


Wage eaters

Before we will take a look at the squad, please consider this salary list. It's important for making further decisions.



Team report

Squad report

Q.P.R team report by assistant manager hints the weakest areas are:

- WBL and WBR (keeping in mind these positions will be used in the backup tactics)


- ML and MR

I do not really agree with the opinion about the last left and right midfielders. Seamus Coleman had many good performances during the season and is one of my favourites in the whole squad. The same should be said about flamboyant James Rodriguez at the opposite flank. Additionally, prospective Gomaa can cover both these positions.

WBR position doesn't make me to worry as well. There are 4 footballers for it: Coleman, Mokotjo, Geis, and young El Amrani.

The anchor man DMC position was played by Kamohelo Mokotjo and Johannes Geis. And while Geis has been showing a confident performance, Mokotjo could play perceptibly better. Though he had 4 short-term injuries during the season, that should be taken into account as well. In short, the DMC position might be strengthened if more strong player appears on my sight for moderate transfer money.


Left wing back

Left wing backs

Just Lucas Digne is ready to appear as a left wing back. One star rating given to him by assistant manager makes me sure QPR needs at least one more wing back.


Central defenders

Central defenders

Defenders stats

Mats Hummels and Bernard Holt were the best central backs during season 7. 32 years old Gary Cahill, who has been been making a DC trio with them since the very season start, wasn't so efficient and reliable. Moreover, his wage is $55K which is certainly too much for the player that shouldn't start in the first eleven next season. So I am putting Gary on transfer.

Lorenzo Ariaudo will remain in the squad in spite of his mistakes in the decisive game versus Arsenal in FA Cup. Just because I need a decent experienced backup DC.

As for the 3rd defender for Hummels and Holt, I am going to stake on the talented youngsters Dif and Redhead. In the end of the last season I used Dif and was glad regarding his quality of football.

Abdelmalek Dif






One of my small achievements is using Douglas Costa in deep-lying forward role. I set Striker as New Position in his trainings and moved the Brazilian up front a pitch. He didn't score many goals but became the most dangerous pass maker.

Now about future sales. Theo Walcott and Kolbeinn Sigporsson will leave. Both have very high wages, especially the Englishman with his $105K. Though I like Walcott very much in the real life and can say he was pretty good in the last season. The reason of my decision is that I cannot allow myself keeping  striker with $105K salary in reserves.

Similarly to central back position, more chances will be given to youngsters here. For instance, Juan Alonso Romero looks fine now after 4 season of development during trainings:



Last thoughts

To summarize, I can say I am going to make The Rangers younger, decrease wage budget, and don't perform too many transfers. The existing squad base formed in the last season should deliver victories for the very first Premier League fixtures. I am inspired to fight for the title in the next season!

I wonder what is your opinion about the current Q.P.R. squad?

What does The Rangers need to compete for a title next year?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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