Top Five Things That Are Just For Thanksgiving

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  1. Top Five Things That Are Just For Thanksgiving - 2011-11-22 23:38:06-05

    It is that time of year again, Thanksgiving! Where families and friends get together for the day or maybe just dinner or lunch, before heading off over to the stores on Friday to check out the latest bargains on offer. Therefore, in this Top Five we thought that Thanksgiving would be a nice theme and unsurprisingly it seems that food dominates the gadgets associated with the holiday! Enjoy these ideas that have been designed to make Thanksgiving more relaxing and fun! Happy Thanksgiving to all from Zedomax. The safe and tasty deep fryer for Turkey; Turkey is a great traditional meal, but how many times does it come out dry and tasteless, that is probably why some people reject it in favour of something different. However, what about deep frying the bird? With the Masterbuilt pro deep fryer, it is safe and easy to deep fry your fourteen pound Turkey thoroughly in around an hour! These are the features for the pro Turkey fryer from Masterbuilt; Electric indoor turkey fryer with stainless-steel exterior and porcelain-coated inner pot Powerful 1,650-watt electric heating element heats oil in less than 30 minutes Uses 33 percent less oil than conventional fryers; cooks turkeys as … Continue reading

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  2. Top Five New Gadgets That Need 3D To Be Seen - 2011-11-23 23:31:32-05

    When we think of 3D, it seems that Avatar nearly always springs to mind, but there is much more 3D content out there in film, art and games, it's a whole new world of visual technology and its waiting to be explored. In this Top Five we looking a 3D related technology and gadgets, there are plenty of different ways of enjoying 3D and here we are just touching the tip of the 3D iceberg. Take your 3D display anywhere Here is a great way to experience all of the coolness of 3D but with the ability to take it wherever you want. This may sound like a dream, but with the Vuzix Wrap 920 video eyewear portable 3D and 2D entertainment is a reality; simply connect these glasses to an iOS device to enjoy 3D on the move. These are the features for the Vuzix Wrap 920 video eyewear; With a vast assortment of features, the Wrap 920 is the ultimate solution for uncompromising viewers. Adjustable brightness, contrast, hue and colour saturation Works with 2D and common 3D video formats including side-by-side and anaglyph NTSC and PAL compatible Six hours use with two AA alkaline batteries Onscreen display for … Continue reading

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Best place for those looking for reverse mortgage

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Arcuz 2 Dungeons

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 04:43 AM PST

Arcuz 2 DungeonsArcuz 2: Dungeons, developed by Funnaut and sponsored by Armor Games, is the long awaited sequel to the extremely popular action role-playing game Arcuz.

Clearly inspired by games like Zelda and Diablo, your mission in Arcuz 2 is to explore the dungeons, gain gold and experience by defeating the evil creatures that dwell beneath the village.

Learn new abilities, upgrade your attributes and equip yourself with better armor and weapons. Begin your adventure and save the world in this addictive online game!

Play Arcuz 2: Dungeons
Play Arcuz: Behind the Dark

True Football Manager

True Football Manager

Staying in the league by goal difference…

Posted: 27 Nov 2011 09:57 PM PST

Dear readers,

At first I would like to offer you watching another episode of video story of my friend NTM.

NTM's video story: The 2nd season is over


Q.P.R. Story: Season #1 is over

Now it's going to be a quite long post about my story.

I am disappointed with the season finish because Q.P.R. managed to complicate it maximally. Destiny of my club was decided in the last fixture. Marco Verratti scored a beautiful goal helping us to stay in the Premier League. It's a big surprize for me because I expected to take the 14th position approximately. Instead Newcastle, Swansea and my Q.P.R. got 37 points… So goal difference turned out a key factor in this case.

Final Premier League table. Season 1

Premier League table, Season 1


Reasons of the failure

I expected to take 7-9 points in the four last matches. But unfortunately I got only two vital points that turned out vital.


Once again I had problems with morale level of my players. At first Manchester United destroyed us with 0:5 score, though I am sure we didn't deserve it by goal chances:

Match stats, Manchester United

Then I decided to arrange team meeting to boost a mood before 3 important games. Unfortunately, 18 players reacted badly on my speech, and I had to play the matches using many players with Very Poor morale level

We could won 2 last matches and have a draw in the game against Fulham… But all chances were lost due to weak efficiency of our attack, the weakest area of Q.P.R. squad now.

In short, it was a nervous season finish… One line above relegation zone…

QPR position history


Bad news about facilities enhancement

I am disappointed also with actions of my chairman… Why did the hell it happen?! All enhancement plans are cancelled!




Squad revolution ahead!

QPR players

Worst QPR players

Surely I am not happy with the performance shown by the most of Q.P.R. players. This is why I am going to make a squad revolution getting rid of many guys. I need footballers that will blend into:

- my Rigid philosophy

- Supersonic tactics and its properties

Pretty high Teamwork, Work Rate, Determination, Passing, Technique, Decisions, Pace, Acceleration, Stamina are must!


Players I am going to leave in the squad

- DC: Younes Kaboul, Andres Bjeland, Matthew Connelly, Fitz Hall (for backup)

- DL: Lucas Digne

- DR: Andreas Hinkel, Arne Friedrich

- DMC: Joey Barton, Alejandro Faurlin, Daniel Paulista (backup), Shaun Derry (backup)

- MC (Playmaker): Marco Verratti, Petter Vaagan Moen (backup)

- AML: DJ Campbell (backup)

- AMR: Shaun Wright-Phillips

- SC: Yaya Sanogo (backup)

By the way, compare attributes of Marco Verratti before and after the season. He has the best growth level in my team.




Verratti after the season

QPR fans voted and gave an award to him this year:

Fans player of the year


5 main positions for strengthening as ranking

1. SC

2. AML

3. GK

4. DC

5. AMR

Other positions need strengthening as well but not so much. Do you agree these 5 positions are the most important to strengthen? Any tips?

In any case you should await a serious squad revolution during the upcoming transfer window! So just stay tuned.

Bore Da from Conway, Wales!

Everything Everywhere Logo

Dear Rick,

Hello from Conway, Wales!

Since my last email I was in Cologne, Esienach, Weimar, Dresden, Leipzig, Wittenberg, Potsdam and Berlin. The reason I was so rushed is that I was traveling on a 2-week Eurail pass and I wanted to get my full value out of it. I had technically been to Germany before, but I never was albe to explore the country properly.

I spent 3 days in Berlin, which was also a first for me. I was able to see the Brandenburg Gate, remains of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, and Museum Island. I also had plenty of the famous Berlin currywurst.

I think jumped on a flight from Berlin to Liverpool where I began my British Isles adventure. In Liverpool I was able to explore the history waterfront as well as visiting a place very near and dear to the hearts of many Liverpudlians: Anfield Stadium, home of Liverpool FC. I spent my Thanksgiving Day watching the Green Bay Packers beat the Detroit Lions in Liverpool.

After that I took the train into Wales where I am today. I've been visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the north of Wales. It is a very beautiful country and one I'd like to return to visit in the summer. On Monday I'll be taking the ferry to Dublin, Ireland and then heading up to Belfast and finally visiting the Isle of Man on the way to Scotland.

I hope you are all in good spirits and planning your next adventure!

Until next time..

Keep traveling,


New at the Website

Something Funny Happened on the Way Around the World

Gary Arndt in the Solomon Islands When I started traveling back in 2007 I did it for the same reasons everyone does: to learn, explore, discover and see all the things I've always wanted to see... and for almost five years I've been doing just that. You can see from my about page I've crammed into the last five years of my life. My motives for traveling were entirely, and unapologetically, selfish... and I've enjoyed the hell out of it. A few years ago, however, something happened.  [Read more...]

November 2011 Q & A

November 2011 Q & A It is a cold night here in Dresden, Germany. I woke up in the city of Eisenach and visited the birthplace of J.S. Bach and then went to the historic city of Welmar in the afternoon, visiting the homes of Goethe, Schiller, List and Luther. I've probably learned more about Germany history in the last few days than I have in the rest of my life. I figure a good way to cap off the evening would be to answer some questions from the old inbox.
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The Absurdity which is the New7Wonders of Nature

Puerto Princesa Underground River If you have been paying attention to the news the last several days, you might have heard that the New7Wonders Foundation released their list of the New7Wonders of Nature. You also might remember a similar announcement a few years ago for the New7Wonders of the World. Here is the list they released: Amazon Rainforest and River, Halong Bay, Iguaçu Falls, Jeju Island, Komodo Island, Puerto Princesa Underground River, Table Mountain[Read more...]

I'm Going to Antarctica!

Antarctica trip mapI've announced it on Twitter and Facebook, but I figured I should make it official and post it on the blog: I'm heading to Antarctica in January!. I'll be traveling with G Adventures as part of their Wanderers in Residence Program and I'll be sailing on the M/S Expedition. [Read more...]

Daily Travel Photos

Nov. 21, 2011The Very Large Array radio                                       astronomy observatory in New                                       Mexico New Mexico
Nov. 20, 2011A Boat off the Shore of La                                       Paz, Mexico La Paz, Mexico
Nov. 19, 2011Decorations inside Wat Phra                                       Kaew Temple in Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
Nov. 18, 2011The Streets of Bern,                                       Switzerland, from Above Bern, Switzerland
Nov. 17, 2011Lighthouse on the Cliffs of                                       Benidorm, Spain Benidorm, Spain
Nov. 16, 2011Driftwood on the Shore of                                       Point Roberts, Washington Point Roberts, WA
Nov. 15, 2011The Orange River Gorge in                                       Augrabies Falls National Park,                                       South Africa South Africa
Nov. 14, 2011Ornamental Water Fountain in                                       Bern, Switzerland Bern, Switzerland
Nov. 13, 2011City of Quito Quito, Ecuador
Nov. 12, 2011A sailboat in the sunset on                                       the island of Aruba Aruba
Nov. 11, 2011.
The cliffs and clouds of Cape                                     Point, South Africa
South Africa
Nov. 10, 2011
Mountain goats on the Dempster                                     Highway in the Yukon, Canada Yukon, Canada
Nov. 9, 2011
A plant covered bridge in                                       Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Nov. 8, 2011
Cathedral of the Assumption                                       in Dubrovnik, Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia
Nov. 7, 2011
Horses in a field on the                                       island of Lanai, Hawaii Lanai, HI

This Week In Travel: Episode 100
Our 100th episode of This Week in Travel was done live at Blog World Expo in Los Angeles. We didn't have a normal news show. This week we had a free form discussion with many of the speakers in the travel and tourism track at the conference. Guests include Michael Tieso, Benny Lewis, Kara Williams, Chris Grey Faust, and Jen Miner.

[Hear it now...]

World Heritage Site of the Week

World Heritage Site #14: Himeji-Jo

From the World Heritage Inscription: "Himeji-Jo is the finest surviving example of early 17th-century Japanese castle architecture, comprising 83 buildings with highly developed systems of defence and ingenious protection devices dating from the beginning of the Shogun period. It is a masterpiece of construction in wood, combining function with aesthetic appeal, both in its elegant appearance unified by the white plastered earthen walls and in the subtlety of the relationships between the building masses and the multiple roof layers."

Himeji Castle is a must stop if you are traveling on the Shinkasen (bullet train) between Hiroshima and Kobe. You can stop at Himeji, put your luggage in one of the lockers at the train station and easily walk down the main street to the castle. Himeji-Jo is located on a hill in the center of town and is easily visible from the train station.

The castle was built to confuse potential invaders so the interior of the keep is a maze of paths. The castle was never actually attacked, so the fortifications went untested. Unlike many similar castles in Japan (Osaka and Hiroshima), Himeji Castle is the original structure and is not reconstructed.

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Hortonville, WI 54944

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