The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

The start I do like

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 09:05 PM PDT

The last season of my Boston story started. The first 12 fixtures were played very well, and the club is located at the 5th table line:

League table

We have never been so high! Therefore it's somewhat sad because I won't be able to continue Boston story after FM 2012 release…

Played matches


You see there was only one defeat to Chelsea! Another interesting observation is regarding 0-0 draws. Boston United had 6 such draws proving the strength of the current defence line and new goalie. Boston and leading Arsenal are the only teams that conceded less than 10 goals during the starting Premier League period.

The most important wins are of course over grand-clubs: Tottenham and Arsenal. Both are described on my additional FM Crowd blog:

Boston United - Tottenham 2:1

Arsenal - Boston United 1:2


League Cup performance

It's also at first when my Boston United managed to win in all 3 rounds of League Cup qualifying into quarterfinals. It's the excellent achievement taking into account that all games were played at the away stadiums. The most complicated round was against tough Bolton which ended with series of penalties. My new goalkeeper Silva reflected 2 strikes with wonderful agility (another one hit the post) and brought victory in this difficult round:



Boston players



Today I can only praise the players. It's a rare moment when I don't have any remarks and happy with players' collaboration as a team. Sure, attacking players should score more… but I think they'll improve efficiency further.

Boston defence was never so strong! As a result you see 2 central defenders Oudot and Danilo having the highest average rating in the team. Additionally, new goalkeeper Silva is merely a miracle. Sometimes he makes incredible saves!

But the best player of the season start is Danilo.




Though Danilo is not the only Boston young star. I feel I have young talented team. Take a look at the next screen shot. In August all 3 Young Player of Month award places were taken by Boston United players.


Later on Esteban Stivan won the award.



Manager screens

In the end I am adding the screen shots one of the readers asked.


Personal information


OK, another Boston story post is written. So now I am ready to start Football Manager 2011 again and continue playing Boston United - the club that got already into my soul.

Top Five Gadgets That Are Really Just For Gamers

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