The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Squad analysis before transfer window

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 02:22 AM PDT

Dear readers, I made the Boston squad analysis and want to tell you my minds regarding its strength and readiness for Premier League debut. We'll start with the report of assistant manager:

Assistant manager report of Boston squad

Now I am going to analyse my players position by position.


Pavel Londak in FM 11

Here I have only one decent goalie Pavel Londak. But I think his skills are not enough for Premier League level. So searching new goalkeeper has to be one of my primary transfer targets.


Right back

Statistics of all Boston right backs:


Jeffrey Altheer is the best of them:

Jeffrey Altheer

He was quite good and reliable during all the season in the team. Therefore I don't know if I should replace his in the first PL season because there are many other much weaker positions currently.


Left back

Statistics of all Boston left defenders:


Marc Tierney

Marc Tierney in FM 11

I believe it's the strongest position in the defensive line and doesn't need a better player for a while. As a proof, Marc Tierney was awarded by Boston fans as the Best Player of the Year.



Central backs

Statistics of all central defenders.


It's the vital position that should be strengthened during the upcoming transfer window. There are 2 problems:

- 1 high-class defender needed

- 1-2 good defenders for substitution bench needed because sudden numerous injuries can cost me a Premier League place in the next season…

At the moment two best central backs are:

Kyle Bartley

Kyle Bartley in FM 11

Jonas Ivens

Jonas Ivens in FM 11


Anchor man (DMC)


David Abbott is the young team leader. 20 years old! I will never replace him at this position Улыбка Though I understand some good DMC should be present on a substitution bench.

David Abbott in FM 11


Central Midfielders


Tamir Cohen will leave the team because he is 33 years old and became pretty slow. Moreover, he has the largest salary in the squad. Loaned Yarbo will return to Fulham. So the best of there central midfielders is Salva Sevilla.

Salva Sevilla

Salva Sevilla in FM 11

Though he didn't impressed during the season. So there will be serious changes in the squad regarding 2 MC positions.

Indeed Stanton Lewis will be sold.


Left inside


Paul Gay returns from loan, and I remain with the only left inside with the below average quality.

Martyn Woolford

Martyn Woolford in FM 11

Going to sell Woolford and find 2 better AMLs.


Right inside


I have big problems at the opposite attacking flank as well. Iain Hume and David McLean disappointed me at all. They both earn more than $10K per week and should leave the team. I have already started a search of better right insides.

Davie McLean

Davie McLean in FM 11


Central forward


My headache. Aguirre returns from loan and I remain without a scoring forward. Though I will try to loan or even buy the young talent again. Currently Ryan Mason remain the best one:

Ryan Mason

Ryan Mason in FM 11

Surely I need more dangerous attacker in the Premier League.



If I don't rebuild the squad I will fail the season. More than 10 new players will be signed during the upcoming transfer window. Among them:

- Goalkeeper

- 2 central backs

- Right back (50% of transfer)

- DMC (substitution bench)

- 2 central midfielders

- 2 left insides

- 2 right insides

- 2 forwards

Surely the quality of new players is the most important issue here. And how do you think?

Should I strengthen any other positions?

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Posted: 28 Jun 2011 09:26 AM PDT

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The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

FM Crowd blogs review (26.06.11)

Posted: 25 Jun 2011 11:16 PM PDT

Hello my friends!Улыбка

Today I would like to make a short review of the best FM Crowd blogs of the last 3 months. I am convinced that this always growing blogs' community has prepared many interesting FM stories and articles analysing that or another part of Football Manager 2011. So now I just want to single out 4 blogs that were the smartest and most attractive to read during the last months.

Palermo story + FM 2012 discussion

Palermo story + FM 2012 discussion


His stories are always interesting and captivating. Palermo story is the brand new one I would recommend to read.

What I like also is his post where FM Crowd people discuss Football Manager 2012 improvements and additions.


FM Joy from Croy

Pastore incident

FM Joy

Croy is managing Bayer Leverkusen currently. But I would single out this FM Crowd blogger even more because of his interesting and original posts:

- Tips for youth development

- The revolution has begun

- Could this be possible? (About Pastore!)


Dinamo Zagreb management by alexsaras7

Dinamo Zagreb management by alexsaras7


Top FM Crowd blogger started a new entertaining story in Croatia. Stay tuned to get to know how he will try conquer Europe with the team!


Managing football team on Cook Islands

Managing on Cook Islands

Septagon Success?

sibo373 is the one of the best FM Crowd bloggers. The most active one in the community having already more than 280 written posts!

His last story is about starting a game in unemployed mode. He made a decision to accept of Titikaveka F.C. - the football club of Cook Islands. There the players are much weaker than in the Blue Square North and South Leagues!

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