Online Game Hacks

Online Game Hacks

Traffic Rush Cheats

Posted: 31 Mar 2011 12:08 AM PDT

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Online Game Hacks

Online Game Hacks

Raging Thunder 2 Money Cheats

Posted: 30 Mar 2011 12:05 AM PDT

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Free Full Games Downloads

Free Full Games Downloads

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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood-SKIDROW with Update v1.01

Posted: 30 Mar 2011 01:05 AM PDT

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The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Squad analysis before Championship

Posted: 29 Mar 2011 10:45 AM PDT

Dear readers, as you know Boston United will start the 5th season in Championship. I don't think I'll be able to win a promotion in one season again this time. So I am going to rebuild the squad significantly.

The squad I have now

This is how the screen shot of my first team looks:

Boston United before the Champioship season, FM 2011

Contracts with 5 players were not signed. So they are free to leave the club:

5 players leaving the team

You can add David Mooney to this list who made me angry during the season and got to the transfer list as a result:

Bye, David Mooney!

So Boston squad is really small after all departures. Now I would like to analyse players' stats during the last season and think more over their future in the team.



Goalkeepers in Boston United, FM 2011

Don't even know what to analyse here. Goree leaves, Johnstone is young but quite weak for Championship. Jansson performed rather well in the second half of the season. But I am afraid he isn't reaching the level of Championship goalies.



Defenders in Boston United, FM 2011

Webster and Maras performed fine in the defence's centre. Whether can they be reliable in the next season? I am not sure. For instance, there is an anxious sign - header completion ratio of Maras is only 74%.

Benjamin Genot (DL) is a person who deserves to stay in the first eleven. Can't say the same about Capasso because loaned Jackson Ramm played at the right back's position almost the whole season.



Midfielders in Boston United, FM 2011

I have a slight disappointment with the amount of assists made by Summerfield. I thought he should became a playmaker with the most assists this season.

Other midfielders and wingers (that are not leaving the team on a free transfer) performed well. Though their levels of attributes make me to hesitate much.



Forwards in Boston United, FM 2011

It's a simple case here. Only O'Donovan stays in the team. Other forwards are leaving. Obviously O'Donovan can't be an efficient striker in Championship; he has even scored only 18 goals in 38(5) matches in League 1 season as you see.


Positions that should be strengthened

Formation of Boston United, FM 2011

I can conclude Boston United lacks:

- better goalkeeper

- at least one good DC

- at least one good MC

- better AML and AMR

- better striker

Actually it's just minimal pack of new players I need. Hope I will be able to find even more footballers to make a completely new team with just few guys from my current main squad.

Whom would you recommend me as potential signing for Boston United? Remember I am at the start of the 5th season now.

NTM’s video story: Episode 8

Posted: 28 Mar 2011 09:59 PM PDT

Hello, my dear readers!

NTM has published another episode of his video story. He tells about the latest results of Napoli in Europa League and Seria A including:

- double-encounter with Palermo

- weird game against Bari

- battle between title contenders Napoli and Roma. You will never guess a score!

The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

JPT and some fortune in promotion to Championship

Posted: 27 Mar 2011 12:50 AM PDT

Good news, dear readers! Boston United won JPT and promote into Championship! Party

Though I would like to start with the 7th episode of NTM's video story where he shows us the latest news including January transfers. One of his signings is Juan Albin. Just watch the video to know about other Napoli transfers in winter:

All other published episodes of NTM's story can be found by tag – video story.


Boston United in penalty thriller

The final table looks in the following way:

Final League 1 table, FM 2011

Remember I was complaining about injuries of 2 my main central defenders Maras and Webster? Their absence influenced really much – just look at the matches of March. 3 losses and 2 draws in row! As a result Boston United lost chances to get the 2nd position and promote into Championship directly. My team finished the season at the 5th position having even some problems during the last fixtures. The best difference of scored and conceded goals allowed to overtake Southend and Barnsley in the end.


Playoff semi final against Leyton Orient was pretty easy. I had a good history of the past meetings with Leyton Orient consisting of 2 victories with the same 2:0 score. So I was quite sure in our success in this round, and my feelings didn't deceive me.

League 1 Playoff Final

Boston United had positive past meetings history against Plymouth that awaited us in the most decisive match of the season at Wembley:

- 3:0 win at home

- 0:0 in the away match

So I was looking forward to beat Plymouth this time…

Boston United - Plymouth 3:3, FM 2011

As you see it was great and dramatic fight for Championship promotion.

Boston Utd started the game with Counter attacking strategy in the first half. It was the failed attempt to win carefully. "Failed" because Plymouth scored a goal just right before the half's end and made me thinking of another strategy in a locker room.

The 2nd half was started with Control strategy joined with Get ball Forward + Work ball into box touchline shouts. And it was really efficient approach. Roy O'Donovan made a marvellous hat-trick in such a confident way that I started to celebrate our promotion Applause  But it was too early…Hypnotized

Plymouth scored at the 67th minute. Then my attackers failed pair of clear cut chances… After all I tried to set Contain strategy for game freezing and keeping the score but wasn't in time. The score became 3:3.

Watch all 6 goals on the video:

Boston had some good chances during the extra time but didn't manage to profit of them. Then the penalty thriller started. Well, you understand my feelings taking a look into the screen shot below:

Penalty thriller, League 1, FM 2011

Roy O'Donovan, hat-trick hero, missed his striker launching a ball to a stand. But fortunately two last Plymouth penalty takers made similar mistakes! Party

It was unexpected and unbelievable promotion…

Boston United promotion from League 1, FM 11

By the way, don't forget Boston United has been promoting to higher leagues every year since the very start of the game.


JPT victory

It wasn't a big problem to win in the JPT final. Although Boston was not considered a favourite in the encounter against Millwall:

Boston United - Millwall, JPT final in FM 2011

Of course, it was the first and historic final for my club. I felt I had to win in it.

Historic JPT final for Boston United, FM 2011

I want to repeat: it was not a complicated match as for me, even though it went to an extra time. But we had a perceptible advantage through all the match. So it was a problem of attackers who couldn't seize on all opportunities they had. Thanks to Balde!

Boston United - Millwall 1:0


After all these successes I was named a Manager of the Year in League 1! Cool

Manager of the Year winner, FM 2011


Boston United players

Boston United players, FM 2011

I don't want to talk much about my players now. Feeling a little bit exhausted after that dramatic playoff final Whew There will be a separate post containing Boston squad analysis.

Just want to say that MVP of the season is Roy O'Donovan. And I am disappointed by performances of Chorley, Goree, Short, Neita, Rigters, Mooney. All these players will certainly leave the team


P.S. Manchester City screen

Some of the blog readers asked me to post the screen shot with Manchester City squad:

Manchester City squad, FM 2011


Previous season #4 posts in descending order:

- League 1 roller-coaster continues

- League 1 roller-coaster

- Boston United: League 1 start!

- Preparing to League 1 season

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