The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Problem season finish with happy end

Posted: 27 Feb 2011 01:31 AM PST

Dear readers,

the 3rd season came to the end. It seemed that my Boston almost guaranteed a promotion in 9 fixtures before the season finish:

But than my club got to the poor series of draws and losses:

As a result Boston United's destiny in the 3rd season was decided in the last matches. We didn't manage to hold the 3rd place and moved one position down the table after the last fixture. But finally luck didn't turn away from Boston guys in the playoff rounds.

League 2 final results

League 2 final standing, FM 2011

Here are the last League 2 matches of Boston United:

League 2 fixtures, FM 2011

You see we got to some functional pit in the end. It was a problem of my most weak area on a pitch – defence. They did many mistakes during that period. As a result Boston lost the 3rd position and got to the tough playoffs against Dag & Red and Crewe.

I was worried very much about these playoffs because I hadn't been ready to stay in League 2 for another season. It's easy to understand, my team had been going without losses almost half of the season

I replaced 3 first squad players for playoff rounds taking some perceptible risks. But it was the right action:

League 2 playoffs, FM 2011

Playoff Semifinal

Dag & Red vs Boston United 2:3

Algassimou Balde, the author of the last goal in the 1st match, wasn't the first squad player during last month due to his instability. My decision to use him instead of Courtney Husband at AMR position bring advantageous away win against Dag & Red.

So the second match was more or less calm and comfortable:

 Boston United vs Dag & Red, FM 2011


Playoff final at Wembley

Actually it was the most nervous game of the season. It was a debut of Boston United at Wembley and  the last decisive League 2 match as you understand. I am happy that my guys made a comeback victory in this game.

Crewe vs Boston United, FM 2011

Player ratings in playoff final, FM 2011

Here is the video highlights of Wembley match:

Abdou Sall, the player that was signed before the 1st season in Blue Square North LeagueCool, scored the most important goal of the season using his head and good positioning. After that I went to the Contain strategy with the team trying to hold 2:1 score and succeeded!

I am so happy and a little bit exhausted…


Boston players

Now I should analyse the squad and become ready to enhance it because League 1 level is much tougher than the one of League 2. This is how the list of Boston players looks:

Boston players in League 2, FM 2011

Balde and Obed got the best ratings in a quite weird manner:

- the first one was unstable mixing great performance with absolute invisibility on a pitch.

- Rhema Obed has mostly low attributes. But he managed to perform well in the matches with easy opponents.

I would say that the MVP of the team this season is Sydney Plaatjies with his 20 assists (17 assists in League 2):

League 2 assists ranking, FM 2011


It's a pity but Maceo Righters (FC) weakened much in the 2nd half of the season.  He wasn't able to score goals often making very stupid actions even during the last Wembley match. Therefore David Mooney displaced him from the first squad and became one of the best Boston players. He made 22 goals and 17 assists in 40 games. Pretty good result, ye?


Someone of the blog readers asked me to show current  Coaches workload with rating stars. Here it is:

Boston coach in League 2, FM 11


Future squad changes

I want you to know that I started but haven't still completed Boston squad analysis. One of my methods is use of customized squad views:

Customized squad view, Football Manager 2011

It helps to compare players by vital statistic indexes like Tackles Ratio, Shorts on Target, Passing Rating and so on. Look what problems I see in the above posted screenshot:

- Steve MacLean (MC) has only 56% of won tackles. Central midfielders have to win more tackles I believe.

- I would like to see better percentages of Header completion ratio than 75% and 76% by Sall and Dunleavy correspondingly. Certainly League 1 forwards are more dangerous and will win more headers.

- Only half of players has amount of completed passed >= 75%. Well, I strive to have at least 75. Therefore all players with poor passing are candidates for leaving Boston United.

- Inside forwards should dribble more often on their flanks. Only Balde managed to gain more than 3.00 dribbles per game.

- Short targeting is the 2nd our problem after weak defence.  Let's just take central strikers:

                David Mooney - 48%

                Maceo Rigters - 43%

   I think it's not necessary to explain you that this is a problem.


Indeed squad needs changes because League 1 clubs are too strong for my Boston at the moment. I am starting to analyse transfer market…

By the way, there are several decent young players from Boston Reserves that can be moved to the main team:

Boston Reserves in Football Manager 2011

Especially I would like to single out Cameron Lindsay:

Cameron Lindsay in Football Manager 2011

Though his Tackling is only 7…


Transfer targets

I remind you I am still analysing the squad and necessary changes but currently it's obvious the team needs:

- 2 central defenders of League 1 level

- quick forward with good composure

But, sure, other positions need an enhancement… If you can give me any advice about other position I should strengthen, it would be great!

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Free Full Games Downloads

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Painkiller: Redemption-SKIDROW / RePack

Posted: 26 Feb 2011 09:21 PM PST

Painkiller - Redemption, a standalone add-on to Painkiller, is now available. In Redemption the Painkiller conflict between good and evil continues as players compete with hordes of demons from hell....

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Free Full Games Downloads

Free Full Games Downloads

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Almost all Nintendo (NES) games in 15 minutes!

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 08:03 PM PST

  Over 15 minutes of video before you sweep 749 (!) Games for the NES officially released in the U.S. during the sales consoles. Authors video claim that this is only a small fraction of all...

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Dota Allstar And Maps

Dota Allstar And Maps

DotA 6.70 New Items Detail - Ancient Janggo of Endurance , Medallion of Courage and Smoke of Deceit

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 07:51 PM PST

In DotA 6.70 Icefrog add 3 new amazing items, this detail of 3 new items hear. you can read the explain below, Happy playing Dota
Ancient Janggo of Endurance
- Bracer (525)
- Robe of the Magi (450)
- Recipe (750)
+ 8 All Stats
+ 8 Damage
+ 5% MS and AS Aura
Comes with 3 charges. When used, grants nearby player controlled units an extra 10% MS and AS buff. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Cooldown: 30
Medallion of

Read more on my new website

Dota Allstar And Maps

Dota Allstar And Maps

Top 10 Dota Heroes Ranking For Beginner

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 06:52 PM PST

Here list of Top 10 Dota Heroes for beginners. Charting out as to which dota hero out of the lot are top ten is an uphill task but that withstanding here is a list of top ten heroes to play with Dota. At a very basic level of course it depends on the player and his needs. It's indeed subjective.

Strongest Hero
1. Treant Protector
2. Doom Bringer
3. Butcher
4. Tidehunter
5. Stone Giant
6. Pandaren Battlemaster
7. Skeleton King
8. Chaos Knight
9. Night Stalker
10. Dragon

Top 10 Dota Heroes For Beginner

Dota Allstar And Maps

Dota Allstar And Maps

Dota 6.72 Map News and Updates

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 06:27 PM PST

Dota 6.72 News and Updates. Dota 6.71b map gives a lot of balance and some cosmetics changes. Now, what will happen to Dota 6.72? Is IceFrog gonna make another hero remake like Dota 6.72 ?
IceFrog asks for suggestions for upcoming Dota 6.72 in his blog. 6.72 development is going well. I'd like to know what you guys hope to see in it or other upcoming versions. You can share your thoughts by commenting through the blog or sending me an email.

Click Here Download Dota

Read more ...

The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Football Manager 2011 Site List

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 10:02 PM PST

We are large Football Manager community!

Football Manager community has never been so large and strong as at the current moment! Therefore I decided to create the largest list of almost all Football Manager 2011 sites. It should help FM gamers to orient themselves in Football Manager web community globally. Consider this article a global web guide or navigator for Football Manager gamers.

Pay attention also that all links to other FM sites are "dofollow".

ATTENTION: The list is extendable! If you know any English Football Manager site out of the list just inform about it writing a comment.

The main requirement for all sites in the list is a language. Only English sites are accepted here. Another requirement is that each site shouldn't be younger than 2 months.


FM 2011 Communities

All Football Manager communities were divided into 2 groups depending on the core part of sites: either blogs or forums.

Blogging communities – community of the FM 2011 bloggers containing more than 470 separate blogs, project of Vitaliy Mokosiy. – consolidated 5-7 blogs and social network by Johnny Karp. - consolidated 8-10 blogs and social network by Darren Smith. – the oldest blogging community started by Niall Walsh in 2007.


Forum communities – perhaps the most known and oldest FM community having forums, blogs, downloads, tactics, player lists, etc. – many articles about tactics and forum with 15000+ members. – downloads, articles and forum with 60000+ members. – different good articles and forum with 2900+ members. – popular forums with 1400+ members and interesting community blog. – young community with 1000+ members in their forum.


FM 2011 Forums - 273000+ members, the most popular FM forum. – 213000+ members, forum of the Game creators. - 126000+ members, creators of famous Cut-Out Faces Megapack, great amount of FM utilities and graphics. - 73000+ members. - 44000+ members. -  10000+ members. - 10000+ members. - 6500+ members. - 6000+ members – 3700+ members, well-designed forum. - 700+ members


FM 2011 Blogs – popular FM blog of Vitaliy Mokosiy, started in 2007. – intelligent blog by Thomas Levin, started in 2009. – pretty looking blog by Lye Kuek Hin. Start date – October, 2009. – one of the oldest FM blogs started in 2008. – quite new blog with unique feature - FM comics. – started in 2009. – nice-styled FM blog. – active and interesting blog started in 2010. – started in February, 2010. – decent FM blog. – another one of new decent blogs about FM 2011. – the top blog in Football Manager Crowd community. – decent young FM blog.


FM 2011 Facebook groups

Group of James Hill - 2600+ members

Group of Vitaliy Mokosiy - 1400+ members

Group of James Shrubb - 9900+ members (not really active group)


FM 2011 Sites of the Game creators – official Football Manager 2011 site – Sports Interactive Games, creators of the Game.


Other FM 2011 sites

There are some Football Manager 2011 sites that I cannot classify so easy: – site of Cut-Out Faces Megapack. – English FM portal by Polish guys. – fresh new FM 2011 site. – unusual but good Football Manager 2011 site. – Wikipedia-like site about Football Manager. – old inactive FM site.

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