Top Five Gadgets That Have Been Designed For The Home

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  1. Top Five Gadgets That Have Been Designed For The Home - 2011-12-21 00:11:24-05

    It is amazing just how much technology there is for the home and it is turning up in many unexpected places. Therefore, we have looked around to see just what is out there and come up with this Top Five of gadgets that belong in the home. This tech makes life easier or simply acts as a display, but either way this is new tech designed for the home and nothing else! A realistic looking fireplace with flames Nothing signals the festive season more than an open fire with real flames and the sound of wood cracking etc, but not everyone has a home with a fire place! That is no longer a problem as this fireplace runs off the mains electric and has a realistic looking fire with moving flames and smoke that are all produced using LED technology. These are the features and specs for the real looking fire place with flames; The integrated 1,440-watt fan-forced heater produces 4,915 BTUs of heat to warm chilly hands, or the heater can be turned off when only the visual effect of the fire is desired. Made from cabinet-grade birch veneers, the fireplace has raised panels with bead moulding and a … Continue reading

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  2. Top Five Gadgets That Use A Laser In Some Way - 2011-12-22 00:07:07-05

    Lasers are really impressive and versatile, they may not live up to the reputation of science fiction, but never the less a laser can be many things such as a tool, cutter and of course a special light used in displays. So in this Top Five we are going to be looking at what lasers can offer the consumer, it may be available right now or just an idea, but it has to have a laser in there somewhere to make the list. Interactive laser style T Shirt This is something that's really different from any other T Shirt around, first of all its interactive and secondly it has a cool laser effect, which is what we are interested in for this section. The laser in fact allows the users to draw cool designs on the fabric that glow in the dark due to the UV light, cool! These are the features and specs for the Laser Shirt Interactive Tee; Create your own temporary glow-in-the-dark designs on your shirt Note: Despite what the photo may lead you to believe, the t-shirt is in fact white in hue. Included UV Laser will charge the glowing material of the shirt Touch the … Continue reading

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  3. Top Five Retro Style Designed Gadgets - 2011-12-23 01:02:13-05

    Technology is a fast world and often we miss certain things or because of age etc, some cool tech has been and gone before we even know it. That is where retro gadgets come in, these are gadgets that use the same or similar designs in order to show what gadgets used to be like, but in a twist they actually used modern tech and can be used with the products of today! In this Top Five we are looking to check out some of the more interesting gadgets that come with a retro feel to them! A mouse from past times This something for people who were around in the 80′s or for anyone that likes retro cool gear. For this would have been the height of technology during those days when computers where nowhere near as sophisticated as they are today. Yet this mouse may appear to be old, but it will work perfectly fine with a PC or Mac and it even connects via the USB port, so not everything is what it seems with this particular mouse. These are the details for the ultra cool retro style USB mouse; Do you yearn for that simpler time? … Continue reading

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  4. Top Five Gadgets That Provide Power When Your Battery Is Low - 2011-12-29 00:57:46-05

    We rely on our gadgets, but the truth is that these gadgets no matter how sophisticated they are, they will be totally useless without power! The worst thing about this reliance on batteries is that the more your device does the shorter the batter life is! In this Top Five, we are looking at gadgets that can solve this problem, portable power supply and travel power kits are essential these days for anyone who needs to stay in touch! USB charging and surge protection While travelling around you are going to come up against all sorts of power issues, even from the mains power supply. Therefore, this device not only offers a standard plug connection but also a couple of USB power ports too. More than this the device has a built in surge protector so your devices will be protected no matter what happens. Here are the details for the FlipIt! Portable Power Strip; Provides 3 surge-protected outlets and 2 USB ports Charge an array of portable devices, including the iPhone and iPad Power plug flips down for easy travel Measures Approx. 2.25″L x 1.63″W x4.25″H Protects up to 612 Joules Manufacturer warranties connected electronics for up to $30,000 … Continue reading

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  5. Top Five Gadgets That Are 3D - 2011-12-29 12:22:59-05

    The 3D effect was huge and couple of years ago when Avatar was launched, but since then 3D TV and movies have not really carried on the trend, with some saying that the 3D images are not much better than HD images. Therefore, in this Top Five we want to explore the innovations that are bringing 3D to the masses and hopefully for the industry will relight the 3D fire. LG show off their new 3D glasses As far as 3D glasses go, so far, there has not been anything cool or even nice looking and this is said to be having an effect of the sales of 3D TV’s. Therefore, LG have acted on this and decided to go all designer and stylish with their new range of 3D glasses that are due out next year! According to Havis Kwon, who is the President and CEO of the LG Home Entertainment Company, he said in a press release; "Compared to active shutter glasses, LG's 3D glasses are far more comfortable to wear and much more affordable, making it possible for large groups and entire families to watch 3D programs and movies together. LG is addressing two of the biggest … Continue reading

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