DIY QuadroCopter Built with Arduino and Wii Motion Plus!

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  1. DIY QuadroCopter Built with Arduino and Wii Motion Plus! - 2011-09-15 13:11:31-04

    Officially (or unofficially), RC helicopters are DEAD as we know it but quadrocopters are become ever more popular.  For those of you who’s thinking about building yourself one, you might want to take a look at this particular setup using Arduino and Wii Motion Plus. The project uses Wii Motion Plus coupled with I2C communication to Arduino unit to make use of the gyroscopes inside and also save a bunch of money on the setup. via hackaday Also take a look at how to build your own wooden quadrocopter. This post DIY QuadroCopter Built with Arduino and Wii Motion Plus! was originally from

    This post DIY QuadroCopter Built with Arduino and Wii Motion Plus! was originally from

  2. Top Five Stands Or Docks For Tablet Devices - 2011-09-15 23:19:09-04

    The tablet PC market has taken everyone by surprise who would have thought that a few years ago there would be such a wide range of tablets on offer. However, as with many products, these need accessories and probably the most important is a stand as this prevents the device getting scratched and tatty. Here is my Top Five list of stands for all tablet devices. The Griffin XPO Tablet Stand This light and yet strong XPO stand from Griffin, offers everything that a tablet user could need. It collapses down to an easy to manage size and because it is made from aluminium you would hardly know that you are carry it around. These are the features and specs for the XPO tablet stand by Griffin; Made of durable aluminium, Xpo features padded non-slip surfaces for your tablet. Its comforting embrace adjusts to fit large and small tablet devices, in horizontal or vertical orientations. In addition, it steadies your tablet at a low inclined angle perfect for input and navigation. Because you will want to carry Xpo with you, a carrying case is included. Priced at $29.99 Source [Griffin] The Cricket Tablet Stand This stand from Innovative is called … Continue reading

    This post Top Five Stands Or Docks For Tablet Devices was originally from

  3. Top Five Computer Mouse Designs With Slight Edge To Them - 2011-09-18 23:24:08-04

    The computer has been made easy to use because of the humble mouse, its design has remained virtually the same over the years and yet it has the potential to become something more. This is what we are looking at with this Top Five mouse designs that offer the same sort features as normal, but there is an edge, something that sets them out from the average mouse. Mouse with digital scales There are some professions where micro scales come in very handy, the main one that springs to mind is jewellery where weight is all important, especially if there is a deal to be made. this mouse gives the user to a gadget with two uses, the first being a USB powered mouse and the second being a handy scale set that can weigh things from 0.1 grams to 500 grams, what's more conversion from mouse to scales and back is easy. These are details for the USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale; Features: USB Optical Mouse Integrated Scale Easy Calibrate Back light Scale Max Capacity: 500g Scale Readability: 0.1g Scale Units: g, oz, gn, ct Scale is power by 2 x AAA batteries (Included) Dimension: 120 x … Continue reading

    This post Top Five Computer Mouse Designs With Slight Edge To Them was originally from

  4. Top Five Gadgets That Have Been Made The User - 2011-09-19 23:06:28-04

    For most of us, it is all too easy to look online or go to the stores and buy the latest gadgets. They are always shiny and new, but most of all the hard work has already been done. That means that the trial and error of development right up to the first tests have all been done for us. So where is the excitement there then? The idea of creating something from scratch very rarely enters our heads, but for some folks this is a way of life and this Top Five is covering the gadgets that some people have designed, built and tested themselves, it is the frontier of gadgets and technology. Make your own Wi-Fi detector for cars From the image this has the appearance of serious tech. it is built into a car and detects Wi-Fi signal, while the display shows everyone the result. but in the dark things can seem different, in reality this the Wi-Fi detector from one of those T Shirts, the working parts and display have been remove and it has been placed in the back window of a car for an effective display. These are the details for the Wi-Fi detecting … Continue reading

    This post Top Five Gadgets That Have Been Made The User was originally from

  5. Top Five Gadgets That Actually Have A Health Benefit - 2011-09-20 23:15:50-04

    When it comes to health and fitness there is plenty of technology on the market that promises to help, but are these gadgets merely toys or is there a real benefit there from which the user will gain something of value. In this Top Five we are looking at five gadgets that actually can make a difference to the health and fitness of the user, which cannot be a bad thing. The armband that held with fitness This is the FIT Armband BW from BodyMedia it appears to be a simple armband. but this is more than just that, for it can connect to Smartphone's and tablets via Bluetooth where it displays some interesting details such a calories consumed, burned and balance, as well as physical activity, how much sleep taken and how steps the wearer has taken over a certain period of time. This information will help the wearer determine where changes could be made to achieve the desired goals. These are the features and specs for the BodyMedia FIT Armband BW; Accurately tracks calories, steps, physical activity levels, and sleep efficiency Helps you set healthy weight loss goals – and reach them Easy-to-use Activity Manager helps you monitor … Continue reading

    This post Top Five Gadgets That Actually Have A Health Benefit was originally from

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