The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Boston: Took the 14th position

Posted: 25 Aug 2011 10:06 PM PDT

As a bonus, here is the new episode of Napoli video story:

Boston United

The 14th position in the Premier League is the only Boston achievement in the 9th season because both our participation in the both English cups was failed. Let's try to figure out if it is really achievement.

Boston in the Premier League

The latest pack of played matches wasn't too successful.


Latest matches

There were strangely lost game with Blackburn, poor draw against Stoke when we had an absolute advantage. These missed 4 points cost my Boston the 12th position in the table:

Season 9 Premier League

By the way, pay attention at fantastic Manchester United with 98 points.

The 2nd season of Boston United in the Premier League resembled me roller-coaster. Look at the league position graph and you'll understand:

Position graph

We had 3 winning streaks but didn't manage to hold on them for long time. So I cannot say that the 14th is an achievement for Boston Utd this season. Actually, I am feeling slightly disappointed. But nevertheless there is some progress comparing to our debut season in the Premier League:


Boston defence played better this season, though attack remained on the same level.

Season results and board confidence

Prize money

Confidence level

Tournament confidence

By the way, if you need any other Boston story information, you are always welcomed to ask me it in the comments. Most likely I will post it in my additional blog True Football Manager +.


OK, now about the players.

Boston players

Worst Boston players

Only one player managed to get average rating higher than 7.00. It's the Brazilian wonderkid - Robson. I can state he became the best player of the season. Confident performance was shown by my other central midfielders David Abbott, Gary Deegan, Mohammed Sissoko. The centre of the midfield is the strongest part of Boston United squad.

Our leading wonderkid striker Stivan blended into the team and woke up to start scoring goals only in the season's end.

Potential squad changes

The weakest parts are attacking wings, we need new wingers. Only Freddy Adu plays football on more or less acceptable level. Left and right backs didn't impress me as well.

Suddenly my main goalie George Forsyth started play worse finish making unexpected mistakes and having low 6.63 average rating in the end. Take a look at the screenshot above and answer the question:

Should I search for a new goalkeeper instead this one?

George Forsyth


Future plans

The 10th anniversary season is ahead. I dream to reach Top 10 or maybe even qualify to Europe League! The should be smart transfer campaign be made to provide the result I expect. I am not going to make squad revolution this time. Just want to strengthen the most problematic positions.

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