The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Boston: Working atmosphere

Posted: 21 Aug 2011 09:42 PM PDT

Finally, I am back from my mini-vacation and can report about the latest Boston matches today. Additionally, I am posting new episode of unique video story produced by my friend NTM. As you remember he has been managing Napoli…

Napoli story by NTM. July, 2012


Boston results

I find the latest results are quite good after all recent tactical changes and transfers. We won 4 games and made 2 draws:

Boston matches

Now Boston United is located at the confident 13th position:


My team can fight for the 12th position, of course, and may be for the 11th. Nothing more this season.

I feel it's really time to produce completely new team core by the end of the season that will be ready to go into Top 10 and pretend on European place. So it's kind working atmosphere now.

The best match

The best match

We overcame Sunderland in all directions. Fabulous Scottish keeper Craig Gordon didn't allow score more making amazing saves…

The worst match

Against Man City

Sure, it's a certain progress if you compare this game with the away match of the previous season:

Against Man City

But anyway Boston players could do nothing against a lot more paid Manchester footballers even leading 0:1 on the 36th minute. By the way, 35 years old Emma Adebayor scored brilliant goal to his former team.

Goal of Adebayor to Manchester City


Boston players

Boston Players


Still nobody has average rating above 7.00. Well, I think few players will increase their statistics till the end of the season. Some words about important our winter purchases:

- Brazilian wonderkid Danilo played one game and got 3-week injury. So its too early to say something regarding his person.

- Freddy Adu is a smart player which has already made our attack more diverse and stylish. What I like is that he performs quite often non-standard actions on a pitch.


I have also good news about my forward Esteban Stivan. Argentinian talent started to play better after my latest tactical changes and blending into the squad.



The most important fact is that Stivan scored 3 goals during last 9 matches. It's not the limit of my dreams but much better than earlier. His form in the last matches:

Stivan's form


Future matches

Future matches

As I have already said it will be very calm season ending. Boston United has to take as many points as it possible. Reaching the 11th position would be ideal result for the 2nd season in the Premier League!

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