The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Boston: Sad year ending

Posted: 11 Aug 2011 09:47 PM PDT

Dear readers,

it's truly sad to constate considerable regress in our results after the excellent start which pushed Boston up to the 9th position. My team lost the most of the matches in November and January… Let's try to analyse this period in details.


Boston matches

So you see. Only 1 win and 2 draws in 9 games. Our defence (after Soumaoro's injury) stopped to be reliable. For instance, Aston Villa didn't notice my defenders scoring 5 goals in 1 match:

Aston Villa - Boston 5:2

Our attack remained as weak as it was in the first matches. Some players haven't managed to blend into the squad. As you see Boston United has many different problems on the background of the squad rebuilding and new team core determination which is my global task for this season.

Boston United dropped down to the 15th position. Sad but I believe the situation will improve in the closest future. I am thinking over some changes in tactical approach basing on abilities of my current players…

Premier League table

The funniest match

Having fun with Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough scored 4 goals, Boston scored nothing. The scoreboard shows 2:2 Smile

The worst match

Poor finishing

I hoped much that Boston United will be able to get at least a draw in this game. But, unfortunately, Huddersfield was too tough for us at that moment.


Boston players

I am glad to announce Balotelli was moved to reserve squad and then sold. He made me angry with his poor shots and red cards: Bye-bye, Balotelli.

Other players didn't impress me much too. You see there is no player with average rating higher than 6.90. I don't remember when I had such painful picture of my squad view last time.

The biggest problems we have are in attack. Forwards and wingers don't score goals. Merely don't score… Look at the most expensive player of the summer transfer campaign - Esteban Stivan.

Esteban Stivan



I see and understand he has serious problems in blending to the squad… But it's really awful to realise that the promising forward managed to make only 11 shots in 11(2) matches. And I don't speak about goals. Damn, it looks like he don't receive the ball often or receive too far away to make a shot…

Other forward Emma Adebayor performs slightly better having 2 goals in 8(2) games. But it's still not enough, for sure.



My another wonderkid became the best player of the reported period after the leave of absence I had give him. He returned from Brazil and quickly adapted at MRC position with Advanced Playmaker role.

In the end I would like to say that I hope to increase Boston performances very soon. The next post will be some tactical changes which are on my mind and few winter transfers. Dear friends, just stay tuned Улыбка

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