Apple Sues Motorola Next!

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  1. Apple Sues Motorola Next! - 2011-08-10 19:28:48-04

    Apple’s next target after Samsung? Motorola, Motorola’s latest 10.1-inch Android tablet has been deemed to have copied Apple’s iPad designs. Come on! That is ridiculous. At least suing Samsung for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 made some kind of sense as its lighter and slimmer than iPad but suing Motorola for the Xoom tablet which does not look anywhere near an iPad??? Clearly, Apple has hired some dumb-nut lawyers to do their job of trying to take down Android via proxy companies like Samsung and Motorola. And no, there’s absolutely no clear reason behind it other than Apple is getting desperate over explosion of Android tablets. It’s more like this, Apple wants to sue any company that makes anything that looks like a rectangular slab. Well I will stop there, why am I wasting my time on another stupid lawsuit that Apple will lose anyways. Apple’s lawyers are bunch of wussies by the way, they should get it over with and just sue Google directly instead. Wussies, that’s not a company I want to associate with and there starts my boycott with Apple (again). My true, naked thoughts continued over at This post Apple Sues Motorola Next! was originally from … Continue reading

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  2. Top Five Gadgets That Have Been Designed For Fishing - 2011-08-10 23:49:58-04

    Out of all the hobbies and sports to choose from fishing would initially appear to be the least likely to use any technology, how wrong we are! It seems that the modern fisherman is more into technology and gadgets than we thought and this latest Top Five list shows just how modern tech and design is making it easier for the fisherman to get the catch of the day! Fishing has really come a long way, with sophisticated materials and designs these gadgets will not just make catching the big one easier, the fisherman is able to make better use of the time so what was once a peaceful pastime can become an efficient way of bringing home the dinner. Fish Hook Remover This simple and reasonably priced gadget saves the fisherman a lot of time a hassle when it is time to remove the hook from the catch. At the same time it is also safer for the fish too, which is essential if it is going to be put back. These are the details for the FJ-023S Fish Hook Remover; Material: stainless steel and plastic. With its T-shaped handle, it can slip into any pocket for easy access. … Continue reading

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  3. TSA Closes Terminals Over a DIY Mint Tin Project! - 2011-08-11 13:51:37-04

    TSA recently closed one of its terminals due to a bomb threat (or so they thought it was) and calls in the bomb squad and the FBI.   Of course, this wasn’t actually a bomb but a DIY mint tin project. The Omaha Police Department's bomb squad was called after a suspicious-looking item was found in a carry-on bag shortly before noon at the airport's north checkpoint in Terminal B. Screening operations were suspended, and the B concourse was evacuated. Operations were not disrupted in Terminal A, according to a Transportation Security Administration official. The item was cleared and airport operations returned to normal about 2 p.m. Breault said the device was harmless, "but it did trigger the proper response due to its suspicious appearance." Tisk, tisk, TSA simply needs to hire more qualified people at its checkpoints to better filter the real terrorists over innocent passengers with their latest electronic project.  Based on this incident, it seems pretty clear to me that you probably don’t want to carry anything that has wires, chips, etc…etc… I think that’s the way TSA works though, they hire people who probably barely qualify for McDonalds and can’t tell that the Large Ice Coffee … Continue reading

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  4. How to Make a Resin-Based Color-Changing DIY Door Handle! - 2011-08-11 15:52:18-04

    Using layers of resin and a strip of color-changing RGB LEDs, folks at have created a magnificent-looking door handle that looks very modern and would be more suited for a nightclub as it’s that awesome-lookin’. The process seems pretty simple enough, make a resin-based door handle, stick a color-changing RGB LEDs on the back of the handle. But you have to give credit, this is a really great idea, thanks to the creators. I will have to definitely put this on my priority list of DIY projects for the future. via hackaday, Project Page This post How to Make a Resin-Based Color-Changing DIY Door Handle! was originally from DIY, diy door handle, Featured, Featured DIYs, Featured Gadgets, Featured Hacks, Gadgets, Hack, Home, how-to, HOWTO, LED, led door handle, Projects, resin handle

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  5. Android Smartphones are Most Popular Smartphones of 2011! - 2011-08-11 18:05:36-04

    Android smartphones have indeed proven to be more popular than any other smartphones including Nokia and Apple, with a market share of over 40% while everyone else falls short of 20%. What next? This just means we, as consumers will get better prices and better products. Android smartphones range from low-budget teenager phones to 3D phones like HTC Evo 3D, allowing most households to afford one while Apple is really for niche market for those people who are brand-whored. As for Nokia and RIM, their innovations is clearly lacking, I have not seen a single person carry a Nokia phone is the last 2 years by the way. Well, will stop there, you can read my full prediction of Android smartphones for the future at This post Android Smartphones are Most Popular Smartphones of 2011! was originally from 2011, android smartphones, Google Android, most popular smartphone, Smartphones

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