The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

How Boston United started in the Premier League

Posted: 04 Jul 2011 10:37 PM PDT

Hello dear readers!

Season 8 started! And this is my first Premier League post in the whole Boston story! Party

Boston matches

I played the first 10 fixtures and find my team in the bottom of the table. Quite predictable result taking into account renewed squad during transfer window.

Boston in Premier League, season 8

Boston United matches

Premier League clubs started to teach Boston United from the very first fixtures. See how Manchester United beat my team:

Making PL debut against Manchester United

I didn't like the calendar. It's not pleasant to start against 2 PL favourites… It left a mark on my players and the equal game against Fulham was lost as well. Fortunately, the team managed to brace itself and made 2 draws in row against West Brom and Newcastle in the next fixtures.

Boston United - Newcastle United 2:2


3 losses (Peterborough, Arsenal, Liverpool) and getting out of League Cup by Man Utd youth made me thinking that some changes were needed. I changed the squad replacing 3 players who were unsure during the starting period of the season. It gave the result immediately in the next match against unlucky Birmingham (media predicted to become 16th). 2 goals scored by Balotelli were organized by one those newly used 3 players - Pedro Lima. Watch it on the video highlights:

It was the first Boston victory in the Premier League! Party

Boston United - Birmingham 3:1


Boston players

Boston players after start in the Premier League, season 8

New goalkeeper George Forsyth was really the best at the start Cowboy Good but unstable performance was shown by new striker Rodrigo. He scored 3 goals and made 2 assists in 8 matches.

I can tell you more exactly about those mentioned 3 replacements:

DC: Kyle Bartley >>> Pichu Atienza

MC: Christoph Leitgeb >>> Ross Barkley

AMR: Nauzet Aleman >>> Pedro Lima

Try to compare their average ratings and it will be enough for you to understand my action.

So now the main Boston United squad looks in the following way:

Main Boston United squad, season 8


Mario Balotelli

Special attention will be paid to Mario Balotelli - our biggest star! I will try to put more statistics about his performance in all future season 8 posts as I did in this one.

So this is the Balotelli's form during all the played games:

Form of Mario Balotelli


You can also take a look at this statistical information:

Mario Balotelli's stats

What I like:

Balotelli makes a lot of goal attempts during a match playing left winger. Even more than any Boston striker.

What I rather dislike:

Mario doesn't like to give a pass due to Teamwork=4. He prefers to  take a ball, run with it, dribble, and make a shot. From the other hand, sometimes it helps to get corners. Anyway I hope in future he'll be more efficient.

Interesting that Balotelli made one complain already. He became unhappy with his training workload, and I decreased it:

Mario Balotelli is unhappy with workload


Upcoming Premier League fixtures

Tough matches ahead. I don't cherish hopes regarding two next games against English grand clubs. But than there will be series of five matches - Wolves, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Huddersfield, Bolton -  where we should take as many points as we can.

Upcoming Premier League fixtures, season 8

How do you think how many points Boston United will take in these matches?

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