Top Five Gadgets That Use Lasers

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  1. Top Five Gadgets That Use Lasers - 2011-07-18 23:44:37-04

    In science fiction, a laser is a serious weapon it comes in different strengths and sizes depending on the job, but in reality, a laser is just a light or is it? This is my Top Five selection of gadgets that use in some way a laser, the concept is mainly based around light in various forms, but a laser can produce some seriously spectacular lighting effects. The Programmable Laser Light Show Here is something that at one time only big businesses could afford to use, but now it seems that special lighting effects can be obtained for under $300 and for a small business that is very affordable indeed. These are the features and specs for the My Effect Programmable Laser Light Show System; The My Effect Programmable Laser Light Show System offers 99 pre-programmed design patterns for you to choose from, including animals, aliens, plants, and interesting geometric shapes. It casts its changing and vibrant images on the ceiling, the wall, and the floor. They are like telling a fairytale that was long forgotten by the human race. What is even better, it is completely PROGRAMMABLE! Use the included software to create your company logo, slogans, or customized … Continue reading

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  2. How to Install Native Ubuntu on EeePad Transformer Android Tablet! - 2011-07-19 14:09:19-04

    The other day, I had the pleasure of enjoying/installing native Ubuntu on my new EeePad Transformer Android tablet.   It’s not complete by any means but the keyboard is working, touchscreen is working, and it’s fairly fast. For those of you interested in modding your Transformer tablet, you can follow complete step-by-step instructions over at on how to install native Ubuntu on the Transformer. This post How to Install Native Ubuntu on EeePad Transformer Android Tablet! was originally from Android Tablet, Android Tablet, DIY, Eee Pad Transformer, eeepad transformer, Featured, Featured DIYs, Featured Hacks, Hack, how-to, HOWTO, install native ubuntu, Linux, Projects, Tablets, Ubuntu

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