The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Preparations to the season 7

Posted: 01 Jun 2011 10:28 PM PDT

Season 7 is ahead. You know it will by my 3rd season in the Championship. So I am ready for the final fight for promotion. Why do I say "final"? Just because in case of another failure I will make a poll where you, my dear readers, will decide my destiny in Football Manager 2011. Anyway the season is about to start, and Boston United has the strongest squad ever this time.

Arsenal as parent club

Arsenal - parent club

Well, yes, my current FM 2011 club is now linked with my favourite club in the real life. Unfortunately, I didn't find good Arsenal players who would agree to become loaned to Boston. There were some young guys but they are not better than footballers I have.


Season budgets and forecasts

Season 7 budgets, FM 2011

Transfer budget could be better. Wage budget is just fine.


At last Media Prediction raised from the 24th to the 15th position. Good sign of growing club strength in the league!


Though Sky Bet guys consider Boston United can even relegate from the Championship. Stupid bookmakers, it's impossible Cool

Sky Bet odds for season 7


Sold and released players

Sold and released players

All the players you see were sold or released due to poor performance in the last season. The most famous name here is Scott Parker. He was just too old and slow (Pace and Acceleration = 8) to play in my midfield.

Gaucho question

I asked you the question about Gaucho in the last post. Most of you advised me to keep him in the squad and give another chance in the 2nd season. That had become my plan until I started getting transfer offers from different clubs. And in the end Gaucho was sold when there was a real need in money for transfers… I hope you will understand me Worried

Gaucho question resolved

Carreer stats of Gaucho


New players

The money I needed was spent to transfers and loans of many new footballers. The most valuable of them: Kyle Bartley, Juan Manuel Aguirre and Tamir Cohen.

New Boston players


Changes in defence

Kyle Bartley (DC)

Kyle Bartley in Football Manager 2011

It's a pity but I didn't manage to loan or buy the best last season's defender of my team Adama Soumaoro from Fulham. Therefore there was a hole in the centre of midfield that should be covered. I had no many options of good DCs and bought quite known Kyle Bartley. I believe he will be good enough to resolve promotion issue.


Peter Ramage (DC)

Peter Ramage in Football Manager 2011

Peter Ramage was signed just for having an option at substitution bench. He possesses good defensive skills and his salary is not high.


Changes in midfield

Tamir Cohen (MC)

Tamir Cohen in Football Manager 2011

Experienced Cohen will become a main squad MC. As for me he is an excellent player for Boston United. Therefore I agreed to pay him $17K of wage budget weekly.


Salva Sevilla (MC, AMC)

Salva Sevilla in Football Manager 2011

Salva Sevilla is a technically gifted midfielder who will play role of Playmaker in my team. Can become a gem player!


Stanton Lewis (MC, AMC)

Stanton Lewis in Football Manager 2011

Another playmaker. I intend to use him as substitution player for Sevilla. Though Lewis has one certain advantage over Sevilla - younger age.


Inside forwards

Martyn Woolford (AML)

Martyn Woolford in Football Manager 2011

I didn't resolve a problem of replacing main Boston AML Emil Halfredsson completely. I mean I didn't find a player of the same level. This is the reason why pacey Woolford was bought to the team and another quick AML Paul Gay was loaned.

Paul Gay (AML)

Paul Gay in Football Manager 2011


Iain Hume (AMR, FC)

Iain Hume in Football Manager 2011

Great finding for the Championship team! Moreover I had experience of using this guy in my Hull story (FM 2009).

This time Hume will perform at AMR position in my formation. Hopefully, he will become a really dangerous attacker for opponents.


New central forward

Juan Manuel Aguirre

Juan Manuel Aguirre in Football Manager 2011

I could find a better solution for the most bothering problem of efficient goal scoring forward. $550K of loan fee was paid for Juan Manuel Aguirre from Manchester City. This striker should be great in holding the ball and working together with my team. Finishing - 15, Composure - 11, Technique - 15… Well, Aguirre can become a good goal scorer.


Matter of adaptation

Now it's start of important adaptation period. I am going to raise Match Preparation level to Very High. Getting better team collaboration is more important than personal player training at the moment.

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