The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Low goal scoring –> Winter transfers

Posted: 19 May 2011 10:42 PM PDT

Cause and effect are written in the title. This season I ran into troubles with low efficiency of Boston forwards. They doesn't score goals as much as I expect. OK, now I feel I should describe the last 3 months step by step.

Latest Boston matches


My Boston United had 5 games in October. 2 victories and 2 draws in the Championship - a pretty good result for me. Loss to Leeds United was a predictable result. Frankly speaking I didn't hope for miracle this time because Leeds was in very good form and at the 6th position in the Premier League. So you understand me…

October matches, season 6 in FM 2011

By the way, let's start to count scored goals. There were 5 goals in 4 October matches.

The most important October game is the one against Bristol City. They were explicit favourites in the match but my boys showed a confident performance and produced the equal game. Attackers were not able to seize on the goal chances they had. So central defender Adama Soumaoro set an example in this match.

Bristol City - Boston United 0:1



The next month was really awful for me and my team. We had gained only 4 points in 5 matches, that had dropped us into the middle of the league table. My players scored only 2 goals. As a result I got angry with Boston forwards at all!

November matches, season 6, FM 11

There was a quite strange game against Hull, one of the Championship leaders. From the one hand Boston United had more possession and made 8 shots during the match. From the other hand my attackers didn't manage to aim any of those shots to a target, and you see the outlined Clear Cut Chances stats of Hull below:

Hull - Boston United 2:0


December + start of January

8 matches and 8 goals. I got tired of amount of failed clear cut chances by Boston forwards. Though "December+start of January" period can be counted as positive one just because we had 4 wins and the important draw against the league leaders West Brom.

December and January matches, season 6

This time period was marked with two home matches against Blackpool. It was more important to win the Championship game than the other one in FA Cup. But, unfortunately, it happened vice verse. Boston had an advantage and lost the Championship match. Whereupon Emil Halfredsson brought the victory in the second game, though Boston had no such advantage already.

Championship match

Boston United - Blackpool in the Championship

FA Cup match

Boston United - Blackpool in the FA Cup


Finally the Championship table looks in the following way:

Championship table, season 6, FM 2011

I am not satisfied of course with the current state of affairs. I think reaching playoffs is possible only if I resolve the issue with forwards' effectiveness.


Players: Problem with goal scoring

Ye, this is the problem I am talking about since the very beginning of this post. At first look at the current squad:

Boston players, season 6


Central forwards performed awfully:

- Morten Rasmussen. 19(5) matches, 8 goals, rating 6.76 And he is the best goal scorer with these stats!

- Christian Tiboni. 7(5) matches, 4 goals.

- Lenny Nangis (he is already left Boston squad). 3(6) matches and no goals at all.


I hoped much on young quick striker Lanny Nangis this season:


It turned out that explosive speed and good dribbling are absolutely not enough for goal scoring. Just look at Nangis stats below:



He didn't manage to score at least one goal! Nangis showed the terrible shooting on target percentage: 25% only. Therefore I decided to stop spending wage budget on this guy and cancelled the loan.

Nangis loan finishes


Other players who left the team in winter

Other players who left the team in winter

I decided to sell several players freeing the wage budget a bit. Just first two transfers in the list demand some special comments. Jean-Christophe Maras was the leading Boston DC in the last season. Suddenly he became number 4 because of 3 better defenders signed during the last summer. So I decided to sell him…

Sell of Courtney Husband became an excellent piece of business! His contract was coming to an end in almost half of year, and he didn't want to sign a new one due to substitution bench status. As a result I offered Husband to clubs and got good $825K for him.


Winter newcomers

These guys were bought during winter transfer window:

Winter newcomers, season 6

The most expensive player Ryan McKenna was bought to solve the problem with strikers. Tried to sign transfer-listed Kepa for $800K but he chose the other team – Ural from Russia.


Ryan McKenna

Ryan McKenna

I am going to make McKenna my main forward.  Sure it's not a solution of goal scoring problem. But I didn't find better forward who wants to play in Boston. Additionally I decided to try my playmaker Ryan Mason at the forward position.

Regarding McKenna… He is only 19 years old. Hope to see his progress during trainings and matches soon! At least he made a good debut bringing Championship victory over Colchester:

bringing Championship victory over Colchester


Marc Tierney

Marc Tierney in Football Manager 2011

Tierney got transfer-listed. I was quick to acquire this high-quality left back. Surely he will start in the first eleven in Boston United. I believe this guy can be good at Premier League level as well!


Florian Klein

Florian Klein in Football Manager 2011

Intended to use Klein as AMR…but it was somewhat stupid transfer due to the restriction:


So Florian Klein will wait for a debut till the next season Печальная рожица


Marc McLean


Just a good prospective forward. Will sell him and earn some money if he don't develop himself during trainings in future.


All these transfers have exceeded Boston wage budget in the end:

Wage budget exceeded

I can't sign players anymore this season. But I still can fight for a playoff place and so desired promotion to the Premier League!

Just continue to read my Boston story to know whether I will be able to promote the club from Blue Square North League to the Premier League in the 6th season.

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