The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Football Manager 2011 skin I use

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 03:56 AM PST

My Football Manager 2011 skin

Short post today, my dear readers. Just want to share the skin I use in Football Manager 2011. It's created from the dark skin of Michael Murray with my slight but significant changes:

- Changed colours:

Orange, green, yellow and grey colours were selected by me to underline difference between attribute values of players and staff.

- Changed attributes thresholds:

You will have 18, 15, 11 threshold instead of 15, 10, 5. It means that all attribute values higher than 17 will be drawn with orange colour. It helps to understand player's quality more quickly – this idea came out of my personal user experience.

Download Football Manager 2011 skin


FM 2011 skin installation steps

1. Unpack the RAR file using 7-Zip or WinRar.
2. Copy its unpacked content to folder "skins" subfolder of your Football Manager "user data" folder (if "skins" folder doesn't exist - create it!).
3. For being able to see kits from installed pack you must have the following settings in FM 2011 Preferences:
- Use Skin Cache = Off
- Always Reload Skin on Confirm = On


P.S. Next post will be about first results of Deportivo I manage in La Liga.

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VA - Post Grad OST

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 08:26 PM PST

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Port Royale 2

Posted: 26 Nov 2010 06:57 AM PST

Port Royale 2Port Royale 2 takes you back to the beginning of the 17th century, when the great colonial powers were competing for control of the Caribbean and when towns could rapidly expand (and collapse again) over a short period of time.Port Royale 2 might focus more on building shipping cartels than sea battles and swordplay, but its brilliantly realized design is more than just number

The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Deportivo transfers and expectactions

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 09:58 PM PST

OK, today I've prepared some information for you about my first steps in the attempt of making Super-Depor in FM 2011. Actually there are news about my transfer policy during the first "window".

We will start with small reports from Deportivo assistant about weaknesses of the squad:

Slowest squad in the league, FM 2011

Most physically weak squad in the league, FM 2011

Poor fitness of Deportivo squad in FM 2011

As you see I have a lot of problems with physical abilities of Depor players. This is the reason why I decided to get some footballers with decent physical attributes. You will see info about them below.

Season expectations

Let's look what targets I claimed for the first season in La Liga:

Season expectations for Deportivo in FM 11

The most simple and calm expectations were selected as you see. I don't want to risk in my first season because:

  • Deportivo has large loan debts and restricted wage budget
  • I have no experience with tactical tuning in FM 2011 at the current moment
  • I need time to rebuild the squad



This transfer window was pretty strange for me because of very restricted wage budget. Actually all my squad changes happened in struggle with low wage budget. So don't be too surprized by signed and sold players.

Players out

First of all I analysed the loaned players and wasn't impressed by their quality. All loans were terminated.

Then the sales campaign started:

First sold players in Football Manager 2011

I sold the current captain of Deportivo Manuel Pablo and the most valued player - Ze Castro. Manuel Pablo was too old to become a flank owner (WBR) on a pitch, and too greedy if we talk about wages Улыбка 

Ze Castro's transfers was an intention to earn some money. I got $6.5M but unfortunately this sum is planned to be paid part by part every month. Others sales underline my wish to get more money for transfers.

I tried to sell several other players from Deportivo "B" squad but there is no luck. So I didn't manage to earn enough money I have to concede.


New coaches and scouts

The first newcomers were new staff members. This is because of quite poor situation with staff amount and quality in Deportivo. The club is almost in a financial crisis. Here are new Depor's coaches and scouts:


Damned wage budget bounded me to decide between signing coaches and players. Therefore I stopped staff search process at the middle. Currently Deportivo trainings overview is like that:


Remember I was mentioning the thoughts of Deportivo assistant about low physics of the squad. I took into account his opinion (especially after my squad analysis described in the previous Depor story post) – therefore Strength and Aerobic categories have 4.5 stars now.


Players in

It's at first when I don't buy players at all. Just signings on free. My free players search results helped me in that by the way. Here are the first Deportivo newbies under my management:

First bought players in Football Manager 2011

It's important also to mention that the wage budget was increased by means of decreasing transfer money. It's allowed me to get a better depth of the squad in the end:



Let's take a more detailed look at the best of the signed players.

Jose Goncalves – DC

Jose Goncalves in Football Manager 2011

Quick and physically strong Portuguese. He will certainly increase strength of Depor's slow cetral part of defence. Nevertheless I understand his shortcomings: Jose Goncalves is a weak team worker with poor concentration.


Roberto Baronio – MC

Roberto Baronio in Football Manager 2011

This guy is one of the best free players on the market at the start. I needed him because Juan Carlos Valeron is too slow and weak physically to be a playmaker in the complicated matches against stronger clubs.  Well, indeed Baronio doesn't shine with his physics as well. But he is perceptibly better for this role on a pitch.


Pierre Wome – WBL


Guardado, Deportivo leader, got a long-termed injury. This the main reason why I decided to sign Pierre Wome (the best free left wing back at the market) and pay him $17.75K weekly. He lacks Acceleration but all other attributes are very well in my opinion.


Julio Cruz – FC

Julio Cruz in Football Manager 2011

3 forwards are not enough if you are going to use 2 in your tactical formation. That's why I signed Julio Cruz and young Ahmed Soukouna. Hope that experience of Cruz will help Deportivo in attack. I think you understand that he is a backup striker.


Abubakari Yakubu – WBR/MC

Abubakari Yakubu

Yakubu is very good versatile player from Ghana. He is useful in destruction phase either on the right flank or in the center of midfield. Yakubu is also another attempt to increase physical strength of Deportivo.



After all free signings I have a quite good squad depth. It should allow to achieve season expectations. But of course I hope that things will get even better because Deportivo has to be taken out of tight financial bounds.

The next important idea is a smart tactical tuning. I have already started it and arranged a lot of additional friendly matches to work out an efficient tactics…

The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Football Manager 2011 Facepacks

Posted: 20 Nov 2010 11:37 PM PST

Football Manager 2011 Facepacks

It's always pleasant to play Football Manager having facepacks installed. So one of my first actions after new FM installation was an attempt to add player faces from Cut-Out Megapack created by guys from site. I downloaded it here:

Download FM 2011 Player Faces Megapack

Megapack information

You have 2 options to get these faces:

- use free sites like FileFront or EasyShare downloading part by part. It can took more than day.

- pay $1, become premium member and download 3GB of faces in half of hour (though it depends on speed of your Internet connection).

This huge Football Manager 2011 facepack contains more than 80000 of player and staff faces. Any other information and support if you need it is available at the site of the authors: Support forums.

How to install FM 2011 Cut-Out Megapack

The process of installation is explained in this forum thread:

Megapack 3.0 Official Help Thread

If you don't succeed you can ask for a help there.


My problems with Football Manager 2011 facepacks

This is the most weird what happened with me after Football Manager 2011 release. I downloaded the megapack successfully but didn't managed to install it Печальная рожица

Problem #1 – solved:

Football Manager 2011 didn't pick up and load player faces independently of chosen user data folder. 'Skin Cache' was unticked and 'Always reload on confirm' was enabled of course. I tried to copy face files in default 'My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\graphics' folder as well as in my user folders changing corresponding setting in FM preferences but no luck.

In the end the problem was solved after the moment I had installed Football Manager 2011 from DVD and run it as Administrator in Windows 7.

Steam version of FM 11 cannot be run under Administrator rights.

Problem #2 – unsolved:

While running in Administrator mode Football Manager 2011 started to hang up during loading and stopping the process with critical error in few minutes. I tried to analyse memory usage by means of Task Manager and saw that FM 2011 eats 2GB fluently and then crash appears. Then I moved my the facepack and saw that FM 11 loaded successfully.

Cannot resolve this problem completely. But I invented a workaround Light bulb:

- downloaded smaller facepacks of several leagues from FM-Base forum + Jackioo's 2011 Facepacks.

- ticked 'Show Unique ID's' in Football Manager 2011 preferences. So if I need a face of a concrete player I search it by ID that corresponds to file name with his face in Megapack folder. If it's found I copy it to my 'user data' folder of Football Manager 2011

It is at first when I have issues with facepack installation in Football Manager. Previous versions of the game didn't cause such kind of problems.

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