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Verify Successful Linking of Aadhaar with SBI account

Posted: 16 Jun 2017 11:18 AM PDT

If you have account in SBI Bank and you have submitted your Aadhaar...

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Announcing the Travel Photography Academy

During my own journey to becoming a travel photographer, I started by asking myself the very simple question, "Why do professional photographers get photos that look so much better when they press the button on their camera than me, even when I'm using the exact same camera???"

There was no simple answer to that question.

It took me 10 years of study, practice, and taking over a quarter million photos around the world to develop the skill which I have now. I've gone from complete and total novice to having won more travel photography awards this decade than any other photographer in North America.

I've had many followers on my website and on social media who have asked if I do any sort of photography instruction. Today I can finally say "yes!"

The Travel Photography Academy is a project I've been working on for a long time. For 10 years, as I've traveled around the world, I've seen people with very expensive cameras on very expensive trips, who were taking subpar, often horrible, photos because they didn't know some of the basics of photography. The cost of taking bad photos at home is quite small. The cost of taking bad photos on a trip of a lifetime that you've spent thousands of dollars on, however, can be steep.

The Travel Photography Academy is a video based course which covers what you need to know to improve your photos on your next trip. Moreover, once you sign up you are a member for life, and you will get monthly updates, access to webinars with the world's greatest travel photographers, as well as a limited number of photo critiques.

We have also arranged a number of exclusive discounts with travel and photography companies which are available only to members, and we have more which will be coming in the next few months.

In the future, we will be launching additional modules, as well as opportunities for tours, seminars, and workshops. All of these will be available to Travel Photography Academy members.

This is my biggest project and undertaking I've had as a photographer and I'm really excited about it

To sign up, just go to https://TravelPhotographyAcademy.com/

Great Travel and Photography Deals!

We've been working with vendors around the web to bring you some great deals on travel and photography gear, tours, software and more. Check out this week's featured products below.

Intellectually curious? We've managed to secure a 15% discount for Everything Everywhere readers on Context's Tours for the Intellectually Curious. Context's model is a bit different than a typical tour company. They use local experts—art history professors, archaeologists, scientists, and others—in 39 cities worldwide to lead small-group (6 people max), in-depth walking tours for travelers who want to dig deeper, learn more, and have an immersive experience when they visit a place. I've personally been on Context tours in Rome, New York, and Athens and I Highly recommended them. They are the best walking tours I've even been on.

Designed to live at the intersection of adventure and life, Bluffworks melds technical performance with office ready looks. Their gear uses quick drying, breathable and wrinkle resistant materials with innovative features to create products that you can wear every day, whether you're climbing mountains or the corporate ladder. I have been wearing a pair of Bluffworks khakis all month, and I travel with one of their men's blazers. Use code EVERYTHINGPHOTO to receive 10% off your entire order at Bluffworks. 10/10 Highly recommended for comfortable travel while looking pro.

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GXP Gaming Blog

GXP Gaming Blog

OutRun Review (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive)

Posted: 31 May 2017 02:45 AM PDT

OutRun Review for Mega Drive and Sega Genesis

The arcade version of OutRun was created by the legendary Yu Suzuki and AM2 team at Sega who've been responsible for the likes of Shenmue, Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA. The game featured sprite-scaling technology seen in many other popular titles they developed such as Space Harrier, After Burner and Hang-on, and was playable in both upright and sit-down style cabinets. In fact it was one of these sit-down units that made me fall in love with the game. Physically being sat in a basic replica of the car that moved about as you drove was an amazing experience. It really helped this game stand out and I'd love to own a real arcade cabinet of it one day. For the time being though, I'll have to make do with the home conversions. Unlike most conventional racing games, you're competing against the clock rather than other cars. Along the way the road often splits in two, where you're given the choice of which direction to take, affecting the areas you drive through, how challenging the race is and what reward sequence plays at the end. This offers a lot of replay value as you're likely to want to experience each route and try to beat your best time... or your opponent's. With the limitations of the Mega Drive and Sega Genesis hardware, they're not able to achieve the sprite-scaling technology of the arcade, however I feel this version is a good compromise. The colour pallette looks a little darker, but the way the cars and roadside objects scale is fairly good, considering it had to be achieved using a completely new method of delivering different sized sprites, especially when compared to the Master System release which is understandably a lot more "choppy". In terms of music, these renditions are also fairly authentic, with an additional track provided called "Step on Beat" which is unique to this version. Personally I'm not a huge fan of this track and much prefer listening to either "Passing Breeze" or "Splash Wave" as these are so iconic to the series. Gameplay, of course, is the most important factor and OutRun on the Mega Drive does not disappoint. Each of the 15 possible environments are present from the arcade original and the experience feels very authentic. As mentioned previously, the direction you take as the road splits affects the challenge, with the left route typically being easier than the right. You're also able to amend the overall difficulty in the options menu if you wish to make things easier or harder, including a faster "Hyper Mode" which you can unlock by completing the game on "Pro" difficulty, or with a cheat by pressing "C" on the controller ten times on the main menu, before going into the options settings. The only real downside to OutRun for some is the limitations of the arcade gameplay experience. Other than doing each race, exploring the different routes and trying to beat your best time, there's not much else to do, so if you're looking to play something with more of a career mode, different courses and opponents to compete against, I'd recommend games like Super Monaco GP or Road Rash. As for OutRun on the Mega Drive and Sega Genesis, I feel it's a solid conversion of the original arcade game, ideal for quick pick-up-and-play and competing against friends for the best time to completion. If you're looking for a more faithful version, I'd recommend either Sega Ages Volume 1 for the Sega Saturn, which is almost identical, OutRun on the Nintendo 3DS or possibly playing the version within Yakuza 0 (Zero) on the PlayStation 4. Personally, I'd go with the Sega Saturn version if I had one.

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